There are evident health hazards of living in an area where Radon is prominent. Find out more about what this gas is and where it can be found.

To measure Radon is simple but crucial in order to learn more about the indoor air quality of the home you are looking to sell or buy. 

If the test results show high levels of Radon, several different methods can be used to reduce those levels and increase the quality of the air.


Independia International is one of the largest corporation in Europe providing measuring for private homes and commercial buildings. To measure is a simple procedure, with monitors issued and returned by normal post. No visit is required.
All detectors are analyzed by our European Radon Association accredited lab. Results are provided in a comprehensive report outlining if the property has increased levels of radon.
Independia International has extensive knowledge and experience in reducing radon levels in private homes and commercial buildings. There are several simple yet effective methods in lowering these levels.